Ford's Early Bird Program

Ford Early Lease End Program

Ford's Early Bird Lease-End Program is finally here! If your lease is almost over, you can waive the remaining payments for up to 3 months just by being an early bird! For leases that expire soon, please reach out to your local Ford dealer and schedule an appointment to discuss your lease-end options and future new vehicle!

The 2017 Ford Escape

It's to wake up! Forget the snooze button, now with the incredible Early Bird program, you can put yourself in a newer, sweeter car months sooner than you thought! This offer's so great, you should Tweet about it!

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2017 ford escape
2017 ford focus

The 2017 Ford Focus

Rise and shine! Fly into your local Ford dealer to discover your newest lease options. You don't have to wait anymore to get into Ford's latest and greatest vehicle lineup.

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The 2017 Ford Fusion

People are flocking to your nearest Ford dealer to take advantage of this new lease-end program, where are you?! Whether you're a morning person or not, it's time to jump out of bed and come discuss your new payment options.

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2017 ford fusion
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Offers subject to change without notice. Up to 3 payments waived (maximum $1,800). Lease termination dates must be within eligible time frame. See dealer for details.