Ford's Early Bird Program

Ford Early Lease End Program

Ford's Early Bird Lease-End Program is here! If your lease is almost over, you can waive the remaining payments for up to 3 months just by being an early bird! Please reach out to to your Haldeman Ford sales representative and schedule an appointment to discuss your lease-end options and future new vehicle!

The Ford Escape

It's to wake up! Forget the snooze button, now with the incredible Early Bird program, you can put yourself in a newer, sweeter car months sooner than you thought! This offer's so great, you should Tweet about it!

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2017 ford escape
2017 ford expedition

The Ford Expedition

Always unstoppable, this family-friendly SUV will take you from morning to night in comfort and style. Fly on down to Haldeman for Early Bird savings!

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The Ford F-150

The toughest truck around is even better in 2018! Shop the all new F-150 and experience Ford's legendary ruggedness and capability. Ending your current lease early is an egg-cellent idea!

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2017 ford f-150
2018 ford explorer

The Ford Explorer

True Explorers are always ready for adventure! You'll feel prepared for anything in this roomy, reliable full-size SUV with plenty of safety and handling features.

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The Ford Edge

We can verify, the all new Edge is fresh as ever. Start your day right by shopping for this superior crossover at Haldeman Ford!

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2018 ford edge
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