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Servicing your vehicle can be a necessary evil for many people. In order to keep your car running smoothly and safely, getting regular maintenance is absolutely essential, but the process of getting the vehicle to the service center and back, arranging alternative transportation, and potentially even needing to take off of work is a major hurdle in the process.

You may have found yourself thinking that it would just be so much easier if your car could just be serviced right in your driveway. At Haldeman Ford in Kutztown, PA, we pride ourselves on listening to that kind of feedback from our customers, and we decided to make that idea a reality with our new Mobile Service Van.

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With the Mobile Service Van, the service center is not the only place your vehicle can receive necessary maintenance anymore. Now, you can get your car serviced at your home or even at your business. You can work, relax, do chores, or just about anything else besides sitting in a service center waiting for your vehicle to be done. Instead of you coming to us, we’ll come to you.

The Mobile Service Van is fitted with every tool and piece of equipment you’d expect to find in our service center, and our technicians can operate out of it just as easily to ensure that your vehicle is well looked after. We’re able to do oil changes, tire rotations, all kinds of fluid exchanges, and much more, all without you having to disrupt your daily life. You can continue on with whatever it is you need to do, and we’ll make sure your car is in top condition without you having to so much as lift a finger.

If you’re interested in having your vehicle serviced with our Mobile Service Van, contact Haldeman Ford Kutztown today to learn more and schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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